Where to Find JetX Promo Code, Bonuses and Free Spins

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JetX is a significant rocket game by SmartSoft. It is unique for not only outstanding gameplay and graphics but also for bonus code JetX lucrative bonuses of 3 levels, free spins, cashbacks and casinos’ special offers. On the page, we will talk about these rewards, their amounts and requirements, how to use promo codes to get them, and where to look for safe and valid JetX bonus offers.

Bonus TypeMinimum MultiplierJet’s Location
Planet1.5xEarth atmosphere
Space3xOuter space
Galaxy6xOuter Solar system

Three-Level JetX Bonus

JetX has 3 integrated bonuses that may randomly drop depending on the level reached by the animated jet. The bonus amount is shared evenly among all players who remained in the game after the level was reached. To be eligible for a certain bonus, players must place a bet of at least $1.

The bonus JetX rewards are formed from a certain percentage of all players’ bets, and the total bonus pool may exceed $1,000,000. Therefore, the Planet, Galaxy and Space bonuses can be compared to mini, major, and mega jackpots in slots or table casino games.The integrated bonuses are meant as a reward for the riskiest and most loyal players who bet big and often. Players who choose frequent and small winnings do not have access to the bonus levels and chances to win the rewards.

What Is JetX Bonus Code?

In addition to the 3 integrated rewards, JetX players can also expect numerous casino bonuses. They can be used for JetX betting or withdrawn after meeting the wagering requirements. The bonus code JetX rewards vary greatly from one casino to another, but in most cases, they are credited with money, risk-free bets and free spins. To receive casino bonuses, players often need a promo code. There are two main options for getting them:

  • The official casino website
  • Affiliate promotional sites.
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Official website

The official site of an online casino is the safest option for getting a promo code and claiming or spending a JetXbonus. In general, any casino bonus that can be used for betting JetX  is suitable. Therefore, you should pay attention to promo codes on all bonuses paid in bonus money and risk-free bets on instant games. Look for the following:

  • First deposit bonuses
  • Reload money bonuses
  • Loss cashbacks on instant games
  • Free bets on instant games
  • Short-term bonuses on JetX, SmartSoft games or the whole instant game section.

In most cases, appropriate promo codes can be found on the bonus page. Sometimes, they are noted on the main banners or in the casino’s terms and conditions.

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Casino affiliate sites

Casino affiliate sites are usually web portals that contain profound analytical information on the promoted casino and help players with different tastes in choosing suitable games and promotions. In most cases, they are the casino’s partners. Casino affiliate sites contain links to the instant section with JetX and descriptions of the related bonuses, including current promo codes and coupons.

To find an actual JetX promo code, it is enough to type “JetX bonus” in a search field on the top of the site, then choose the appropriate page or paragraph among the offered. Another efficient way is to look in the bonus or instant games section. 

However, affiliate promo codes may differ a lot from the casino’s own bonuses, and players should use the promo code only after attentively reading its terms and conditions.Affiliate bonus restrictions may be the following:

  • Expiration within an extremely short period — an hour or two
  • Availability for players of certain countries only.

Additionally, some affiliate sites may turn out to be scams. They offer fake JetX code bonus rewards containing fishing links that lead to a forged casino site. Of course, such a fraudulent casino bans its players after the first deposits. If you suspect that the affiliate site is a scam, ask the support service of the appropriate casino for assistance.

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How to use bonus codes

In all online casinos, player accounts have pretty similar interfaces and functionality, and claiming a bonus code JetX reward is a very common process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Login and enter your player’s profile.
  2. For deposit bonuses, go to the deposit section of the wallet or cashier. Then select a payment method, appropriate amount and currency. In most cases, at the bottom of the wallet tab, you will find a field for a promo code. Fill it out and confirm the deposit. 
  3. For each type of no-deposit bonus, go to the appropriate section of your account. Enter a Jet referral code into a referral tab or type a promo code for your email into a field in the personal data section.
  4. After crediting the deposit or verifying a finished task by the casino administration, the bonus will be added to your balance or appear in the bonus section. In the latter case, you must claim it manually.
  5. Remember to use the bonus before it expires.

How to Get Free Spin JetX

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Players may get free spins (or risk-free bets) for JetX as a non-deposit or as part of a complex deposit bonus of several types, including:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Recharge bonus
  • Short-term promotion.
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Depending on the bonus type, the free spins JetX reward varies from 10 to 500 FS. Also, free spins may be a prize in a competition or a random drop for instant game players.

To find out about current free spin bonuses, players may use two ways:

  1. Check the promotion section and the main banners of the official casino site.
  2. Look on affiliate sites and the casino’s social media.

Casinos with Promo Code JetX

Use valid promo codes to activate bonus offers from the best casinos for playing JetX.


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Other Casinos Bonuses

A casino machine with a lot of spins on it
A casino machine with a lot of spins on it

Each specific JetX bonus with a promo code has a common analog that does not require it. Casinos that have few types of bonuses do not use promo codes at all. On average, these bonuses are as big as promo code ones, have the same limitations, restrictions and requirements, and are credited in the same ways.

All common money and instant game free spins bonuses that can be used for JetX betting include:

  • No-deposit bonuses
  • First deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Loss cashbacks
  • Short-term promotions
  • Mobile app promotions.

To receive casino bonuses, players must register and often deposit money on the casino site.

Look for JetX Bonus in the Best Casinos Only

JetX is an advanced, high-quality and profitable game that attracts many players. Casinos promote it eagerly and offer generous and numerous bonuses with and without a promo code. Finding a JetX bonus is easy, but you can claim and use it in a fair casino only.

To avoid getting into fraudsters’ traps, choose a reputable and reliable gambling site from our ranking and enjoy JetX safely.


Where can I get a JetX code promo?

You can get a JetX promo code on official casino sites or their affiliates.

Is it safe to use bonus JetX?

Any JetX bonus is totally safe if you took it from a reputable official casino site or from its proven affiliates.

How should I use a promo code?

Enter the promo code in the appropriate field in the deposit section of your account’s wallet before transferring money to the casino. Then claim the bonus in the bonus section and use it before it expires. Sometimes, you need to complete small casino tasks to receive no-deposit bonuses.